I’m Getting Over a Brold

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Depression is stupid.

And it has a weird rep that makes already crap-feeling people feel more isolated and alienated. Which is dumb.

So, I have an idea. Depression needs to be a thing that you can say you have without any sort of weirdness attached to it. Like when you have a cold, no body gives you that weird I-hope-I-don’t-send-you-over-the-edge-with-my-response-to-you vibe when you mention that you need to stay in that night. Because a cold is a cold. It’s a thing that a lot of people deal with, and it sucks, and you work through it. And depression is not entirely unlike that. It’s a cold for your brain.

Thus, periodic bouts of depression will henceforth be known as brolds.

Next time you’re feeling crappy and you had a dinner date planned but really you can’t do anything other than cry and watch old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy—no big deal. Text your pals that you came down with a nasty brold and you’ll catch up with them next time. Or if you have a mound of work to do, but depression is sucking the gumption straight out of your head, send an email to HR explaining you’ll need a sick day or two as you deal with your brold.

Once the idea catches on, we’ll see over-the-counter brold treatments popping up all over the place. They’ll mostly contain caffeine pills and pictures of baby animals. It’s not meant to be a cure, just a little something to help you weather it.

The truth is sometimes brolds just come; there’s nothing you did to get in it, and not much you can do to get out of it other than wait with a cup of coffee and an internet full of baby ducks. But sometimes you need go see a doctor and get some more serious meds. But either way, it’s just a brold. Don’t freak out, people. It’s just a brold.

So there’s my idea, you all. I’m full of them. Got another problem that needs to be solved? Send it my way. Though it might take me a bit to get to it—I’m getting over a brold.

Oh, also…go watch this TED talk by Kevin Breel for some more awesome thoughts about normalizing depression.

I’m Getting Over a Brold

14 thoughts on “I’m Getting Over a Brold

  1. So good, Melanie. I’ve had a brold for a while now, it’s terrible how fuzzy headed and out of sorts it makes you feel ;/ I think I’m finally getting over it, though, and I loved your post =)


  2. Oh yes – I’ve had this Brold virus since I was like three years old…I know this well. Over the years though it’s become even more delightful, interspersed with “ecstatic jags”. Not as bad as Carrie on Homeland, but C’est la vie:) I find as I moved through life though, it’s become more about existential depression – blessed with that* at maybe seven or eight years old.

    It’s not really a virus anyways. It’s more like the effect of a bacteria (T. gondii). It appears to set off a number of what we ignorantly have misunderstood as “mental illness” – these are physical illness which affect the brain. And usually it has more to do with our autonomic nervous system within our enteric nervous system (“gut brain”).

    I think now, seeing as we’re in the 21st century, actual medication that TREATS these illnesses without stigma and the obvious personal biases (by the general public up to even medical professionals), and by unscientific psychology/therapy – because really, talking to an illnesses or disease processes does nothing. Yes, it’s social and somewhat beneficial to be able to connect and share misery. It’s helpful. It’s human. Everyone needs support. But merely giving medication and talk-therapy out, only abates symptoms. It will NEVER treat the illness.

    Demand reality. Demand research to develop actual treatment. Everyone deserves it because it effects everyone. Bury Bedlam.

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    Technical information here:


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