Like Pulling Teeth (Also, Baby Animals!)

Big yawn
Photo by afsheen @ Flickr.

Sometimes writing—or being creative or doing things that are important to you—is like pulling teeth. Like pulling teeth out of a cranky dog’s stinky mouth. That is what this week is like. Doodie. That’s what I have to say about that. It’s doodie.

That happens sometimes, right? You think that you’re going to come up with something spectacular and earth-shattering. You’ll write the perfect blend of funny and poignant and everyone will read your post, laugh, wipe teensy tears from their eyes, and say, “Aaaaaaahhhhh…that was perfect.” And then each and every one of your readers will go to the store, buy a single, delicious bottle of beer, wrap it up and send it to you in the mail.

That’s what you THINK you’re going to do. Instead, you write 14 sucky drafts, look at Pinterest for an hour, then Facebook, then you browse through all your RSS feeds, go for a walk, juggle for a while, and come back to the same, insidious, blinking cursor that was mocking you two hours ago. (Curse you, cursor! With your continual, “What’s next? What’s next? What’s next?” Eff you, is what’s next.)

I checked out this thing called SuperBetter, a website that helps you get better at things you want to get better at. It’s like a game. And they talk about emotional resilience, and how it’s really key for all kinds of important things, like being awesome and opening jars (I’m paraphrasing here). I have the emotional resilience of a wet tissue hanging from a tree on a windy day. Hmm. Trouble.

I also read an article a while back about how positive thinking is really important for creativity. This is a challenge for me. My name means “blackness” or “dark”—what do you want from me?

Perhaps I (& maybe you too?) should work on these things.

To help strengthen your emotional resilience, SuperBetter said that for every negative feeling you have, you should try to create or experience three positive feelings. They recommend looking out the window, or doing an image search for cute baby animals. Since I’m also supremely lazy, I went for the animal search option. Not wanting to keep the treasure trove of tiny baby animals to myself, I’m going to share them here with you. Let’s watch these little cutie-wooties prime our creative pumps and next week we’ll take over the freaking world. Or maybe just you will. If you do, can you send me a beer? Thx.

And Now…Cute Animal Parade!

cebuella pygmaea
Photo by Joachim S. Mueller @ Flickr

A baby marmoset! And it’s like, “Whhaaa?” They’ve got one (two, actually) at the San Diego Zoo if you MUST! SEE! ONE! now.

Photo by Jessica Merz @ Flickr.

This guy lost his mustache trimmers!

Photo by juliez_pics @ Flickr.

Awww…the wittle baby is cuddowing.

baby chinchilla
Photo by Greencolander @ Flickr.

It’s a teensy, artsy chinchilla.

everybody loves me baby
Photo by timsnell @ Flickr.

Looks like we can expect some monkey business…(wah, wah). The photographer says this guy “generally like[s] to stir the shit.” Awesome. Unless that was literal. You never know with monkeys.

And that’s the last one. I was going to include a picture of a baby kangaroo, but those guys do not leave their mama’s pouch, and, I’m not gonna lie, the pouch thing kinda freaks me out. So we’ll stop there. Share your favorite, positive mood-inducing photos and creativity-inspiring activities, too, okay? Sweet.

Like Pulling Teeth (Also, Baby Animals!)

13 thoughts on “Like Pulling Teeth (Also, Baby Animals!)

  1. I loved your description of the cursor – sooo true! “Eff you, that’s what’s next,” I’ll think in its general direction tomorrow when I can’t come up with anything to post. And I’ll laugh at it derisively until I decide to get a snack and check my twitter feed.


  2. if you had shared a picture of your “little animal” i’d have a positive feeling… these animals are creepy.

    in hebrew, melanie means “God’s grace lifts me up.” that’s who you are. really.

    i am the goddess of grapes and wine. apparently i should be sending you beer or wine.

    and your writing process is all too familiar. i want to love it again.


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