Sad Waffles

Sad Waffle

There’s a very distinct time in life in which you are capable of being sad about waffles. That time ends at about age 11. After you turn 11, you realize that waffles absolutely do not rank among the things you should be sad about. I mean, by 11, you’re aware that there are boatloads of terrible things out there that deserve your sadness (getting grounded, bee stings, world hunger, Weeds, etc.) and that it’s an awful waste to let a golden Belgian delight bum you out.

But not before 11. No, before 11, you’re under the impression that anything that isn’t 100% ideal is worth being sad about. Like the kid that was sitting next to us at Kensington Café the other day. Why were his waffles so sad? Because he wanted pancakes. A horrid reality faced him. This batter, instead of being poured onto a griddle and cooked in a circle shape, was going to be poured into a waffle iron and cooked into a square shape with square depressions. Oh, the humanity. He slumped his little head into his hands and stared wistfully at the table. “But I wanted PANcakes…” *Frown*

“How about we put strawberries on them?” coaxed the amazing server.


I’ll draw on them with chocolate…” she bribed.

“Mmmwohhkay…” the boy mumbled out of his little trout mouth.

The kid somehow finagled a food that is essentially dessert for breakfast and he’s STILL forlorn because it’s not a pancake. Ah, the folly of youth.

But that’s what expectations and desire do to you. They turn the whole world into what you don’t want; what you didn’t have in mind. No longer is a chocolate- and strawberry-covered waffle a delicious sugary treat that no young fawn should hope to consume; it’s reduced to one thing: not-pancake.

Because it’s the beginning of a new year, and the time for sage advice and chin rubbing, I’ll ask you this: is your life full of sad waffles? Of not-pancakes? Or do you see the deliciousness of the world, regardless of what unforeseen shape it comes in?

I’ve got a few things on my to-do list for 2012, but one of them is to, as I’ve heard it said, “Look for the good, and embrace it.” Imma eat those waffles. Happily.

Sad Waffles

12 thoughts on “Sad Waffles

  1. I’m not sure I’m aware of the not-pancakes or the sad waffles. I just sort of get through life. Breathe. Breathing is good. It’s actually rather better than waffles. But having waffles and breathing is good too!


  2. I come from a happy, upbeat, look-on-the-bright-side family. It’s the way I am wired I can’t help it. I married a woman who finds the worst possible scenario in every situation. Why? I don’t know. I guess I was only looking at her good qualities.

    I was always trying to point out the things you just said and she could never see it. I guess some people are wired to be miserable, but I just don’t get it. Why would anyone CHOOSE to be unhappy?


  3. I’ve read a lot of new year, be happy posts. This is by far the lightest, most honest bit of fresh air I’ve read so far. Actually, I really don’t know what that sentence means.

    I just really like how you put things together. That’s better, I think.


  4. I have THE SAME resolution. Only I’ve been calling it a search for beauty. To see the beauty in the world, myself, my roles right now, and in the little things I miss every day. I think it’s a fun resolution, but I’ve already screwed up several times and it’s January 3rd. It’s so easy to get sad about waffles!


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