Melanie2015ProfilePic1000pxHi there, I’m Melanie Crutchfield. I’m a writer and designer living in San Diego, California, which is quite possibly the best city in the country. I’ve worked on website content, newsletter articles, short films, poetry, and song lyrics. I’m currently working on a couple of feature films and a few other projects. My design work has included web graphics, web design, logos and album art.

Creativity is fun. More people should do it.

I worked at West Coast Imaging for nine years and know far too much about Photoshop. I think I actually lost some of my childhood memories as my brain made way for more Photoshop information.

Stephen Crutchfield and I are married and have been for quite some time now. We play music together from time to time and like each other a whole lot. We have two super cool kids whose identities are secrets like Batman or Spiderman. (There are lots of shifty-eyed weirdos out there. In fact, maybe you’re a shifty-eyed weirdo. See? Good thing I didn’t reveal too much about my kids).

Thanks for perusing my bio. Feel free to email me if you’d like.