If Hurricanes Were People, They’d Be A-holes

Every now and again I have a conversation in my head with…say…a traffic light. Or the table. Or those bark-y dogs a few houses up from me. My brain clearly has some pretty piss poor decision-making skills, because if I weren’t having pretend conversations with the laundry, I could probably be inventing agriculture systems that can survive on Mars and we’d all be eating Martian carrots right now. I feel like I should apologize for that.

Anyway, I am who I am, and as such I was having a conversation the other day with Hurricane Isaac. It was in that conversation that I realized that if hurricanes were people, they’d be a-holes. See for yourself.

Me: Is that a goatee?

Isaac: Yeah, it looks awesome, doesn’t it? Imma score some ladies with this business.

Me: Awesome plan. Totally gonna work. That, or you’ll destroy everything you touch and people will make little voodoo hurricane dolls and hope you get hurricane STDs.

Isaac: Whatever. I know I look good.

Me: …

Isaac: Wanna go party? I’m headed inland. I’m gonna be cool about it, though.

Me: Oh yeah? First time for everything, I guess.

Isaac: Yeah, I’m gonna be totally cool. Waltz in, water some plants, blow around a little just for show, then head on out.

Me: Sure you won’t get all drunk and pick up people’s cars and crush their neighbors’ cats with them?

Isaac: Hey, I’ve NEVER done that. Sure, some people in my family have, but I’m my own man, okay? Besides, people in my family are famous so, you know…crazy works.

Me: Yeah?

Isaac: Uuhhh…YEAH. Katrina? Ring any bells?

Me: Of course it rings bells. Everyone freaking hated her. HATED her. She was maybe the most terrible thing ever.

Isaac: She wasn’t that bad.

Me: Have you lost your mind?! She killed a TON of people. A TON of them. And destroyed like, ALL the houses in New Orleans.

Isaac: You know what? You’re so judge-y.

Me: Yeah, I guess I am.

Isaac: Hey, hey!  Baby, baby, baby…

Me: Ick. Stop calling me baby.

Isaac: Baby, come on baby.

Me: Fine. What?

Isaac: Shhhhh, shhh, shhh…shuuuush. Baby, don’t be so hard on yourself. We all have problems.

Me: Ugh…you’re so gross.

Isaac: So gross that you like it?

Me: No.

Isaac: Oh, I see…so gross that you LOVE it. You love it gross, huh baby?

Me: Ohmigod, no! You’re so pervy! How is it even possible to be that pervy?

Isaac: Hey! Don’t you go running your mouth off, woman, or I swear I’ll pick up a tree and rip your face off with it!

Me: Holy crap! Calm down!

Isaac: I’m sorry, baby. We’re getting closer to land. You know how I get…come rub my goatee.

Me: No. Thanks. I’m good.

Isaac: Fine! I’m gonna go get with that peninsula over there and we’re gonna have a ton of baby tornadoes together! Then how will you feel!? You’ll feel terrible!

Me: You’re an a-hole.

Isaac: Your face is an a-hole!

Me: Fine. My face is an a-hole. Are we done here?

Isaac: Yeah. Yeah we are.

Me: Great.

Hurricanes—they’re a bunch of a-holes. Stay safe out there, people.

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  1. That was awesome, what a Category 1 a-hole!


  2. Isaac does sound like a pervy man with a bad goatee. I giggled.


  3. Your brain… is SCARY awesome.


  4. normalfornorfolk

     /  August 29, 2012

    I have out of control laundry too! Underwear is the worst, I swear it runs away & hides…Oh, wait..maybe my cats are eating it!


  5. This is Brillz.


  6. Tip #1 when you’re an amazing super-famous blogger. Don’t make your a-hole hurricanes look like relatives (shaggy hair, bulgy eyes, gotee… I get it sis!). Especially the ones that love you.


  7. Digging the illustration. I like how his face is purple, like he’d already been drinking too much…


  8. Looks like Isaac is also a grape.

    Grapes aren’t so tough.


    • Yeah, that’s the coloring the weather service uses. Personally, I would have gone with a pattern of broken glass and frowney faces. I guess purple is a little easier.


  9. Hehe. Laughing, “How can you be so pervy?”

    Will use that line today, on someone, I just have to.


  10. Ugh! I knew hurricanes WERE a-holes, but I had no idea they were sleezy, leisure suit wearing a-holes!! On a related note, I think I dated him.

    So, just wondering what kind of conversations you have with your laundry…or is that another post?



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