CAAAAAaaaaake. Cake. (cake.)

I’m going to make this cake, y’all.

Chocolate Orbit Cake
Hello, mister cake. I will put you in my face now. Photo by Stephanie @ Desserts for Breakfast.

This is Chocolate Orbit Cake with white chocolate Lady Grey crème anglaise, and it’s so good it’ll melt your face off. I found it last year over at Desserts for Breakfast, when I was searching for the perfect cake for my husband’s surprise birthday.  And look at that photo…isn’t it gorgeous? Stephanie at DfB took that photo. And made that dessert, and, I assume, shoots magic out of her fingers while she walks around partly suspended off the surface of the earth. That’s how good this cake—and everything on her blog—is.

So, whatever you’re doing, stop it. Go to Stephanie’s post, make a grocery list, go buy the stuff and make this cake. And then send Stephanie a pony in the mail to say thank you. You can send me a pony, too, since I gave you the idea.

CAAAAAaaaaake. Cake. (cake.)

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